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Venkat Muthaly


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I'm a grade 11 student trying to become more skilled, and make projects outside of school. I am aiming to create and learn, and I want to use this website to showcase my progress.

I am interested in the sciences, technology, and business, and want to broaden my knowledge in all three topics. Check out my PORTFOLIO


I've always had a passion for the sciences since I was a child, so it was a smart decision to go to TOPS (Talented Offerings for the Programs in Science). As a highschool student, I have now learned university-level math, done legitemate labratory research and data collecting, and given a symposium on my analysis.


With the world progressing as much as it already has, I realize I myself must learn and adapt to the new technological changes that have happened already. Because of this, I have learned basic knowledge in coding languages such as HTML and Java, but I am aiming to legitemately learn these languages and go to hackathons.


Business has been an important part of my life, as I have always had ideas for non-profits and such that I believe can help the world. The only way to create said businesses is by learning about the business world itself and the strategies involved, which I have done in business courses and DECA, and hope to continue to learn.

Health Science

Though I am not as invested in health science like the other topics, I have gained a respect for those in health science. I currently have a summer research clinician position that will happen in the summer (depending on the virus) so that I can learn more about health sci and how it functions to make a more educated decision.

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My Growing Story

As a highschool student, I learn through both actual studying and extracurriculars such as volunteering and school clubs.

North York, Toronto, Canada

TOPS @ Marc Garneau

Graduating in 2021, I have learned advanced math and science courses, which puts me ahead of many students my age.

North York, Toronto, Canada

Mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto

Acted as a role model for kids who needed a brotherly or friendly figure in their lives, and also a person to learn from.

Scarborough, Toronto, Canada

MYSL(Mid-Scarborough Youth Leadership

Youth organization dedicated to improving the community and creating events for everyone to participate in.

Ontario, Canada/span>

Ontario Nature Youth Council

A province wide group that help each other start nature campaigns and aid nature in any way.

What I'm Working On

Basically a summary of my progress in my aims.


These topics or skills are going to be the things I will start working on and perfecting. The higher the percentage, the more I feel comfortable in that topic/skill. Obviously they will start small, but it helps denote the progress that I'm going through, and keeps me accountable.

100 Book Challenge (Until Quarantine Ends)
50 Blog Posts
AP Studying
Beat Making

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Available upon request
Scarborough, Toronto
Ontario, Canada

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